Work Experience

Week 26 | Video Production

Week 26 |  Video Production

Monday 03rd – Friday 07th April 2017

What did I do?

This week I have been helping Anna with a lot of video production stuff. I have done a tone of cut outs of acts from the CQAF Festival in Belfast, grouped them into different categories and then send them to Anna to put in videos.

I have worked on Vector graphics and other image editing for different sequences as we were doing 4 different social media video promos.

I worked on a big wall feature with all the acts in one of the videos. Putting their photos in photo frames and then adding an overlay with their names. Then once it was done which you can see here:


Then once I finished this wall, I got to do some video editing which I haven’t done in a long time. My mission was to make a sequence of the camera moving in and out of each photo frame, that was quite easy as I have done video editing many times before.


The sequence took a whole day because I had to zoom in to a photo frame, then put an overlay in the perfect position of the frame which was already made in Photoshop. Then I added the text and made it dissolve in and out. I done that for each photo frame, it was easy but very time consuming.

Inbetweeen this work I juggled some other stuff like doing blog posts as always, then communicating with the client and making small website changes. Doing more cut outs and other things related to the video.

I also added a holding coming soon page for the clients site and put in google analytics on all of our websites even in the dashboard on WordPress( below is CultureHUB’s statistics)


What did I learn?

I have been doing some research into adding Adworks to the blog, I have been actually teaching more than learning, I have been showing Anna some stuff about Adobe Premiere she didn’t know yet and helping improve the speed of editing videos. For example she has been exporting videos wrong and rendering time was enormous, she did not know that you can render bits as you go which speed up rendering later. Also some of her settings were badly set up.

I also learned to organise myself to juggle a few jobs at the time and doing a lot of jobs from different people.


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