Work Experience

Week 28 | Website Launch

Week 28 | Website Launch

Tuesday 25th – Friday 28th April 2017

What did I do?

This week I have finally launched the website for Your Trial Matters and it looks pretty good. I have planned to work on for next week on improving the SEO and getting the website higher on google as much as I can, the rest will be up to google however. | link to the site 

The screenshot below shows the logo of the site which I created as well to represent the client’s business. This design was quite simple and it means to represent the small pawn as us normal people coming out bigger and better after a trial than the queen pawn which is meant to be the big corporation or influential people.


The design over all is not my favourite but it is exactly what the client wanted. I have ran into some complications where this design does not look good on mobile, however there was no changing the client’s mind and they were happy as long as the site looked good on desktop. Which I really did not approve of so I started working on my own on trying to change the mobile settings with some code on WordPress to be able to at least get rid of the grey background and try to make the text smaller. This is my mission for this week!


What did I learn?

It is rather hard to explain to clients about SEO and why their website isn’t up on google as soon as we launch it. I found it easier by sending a Word Doc in which I explained how google works and how the keywords work so the client can decide how they want to be found and what their clients are most likely to google looking for them. This worked quite well, as it left the content of SEO to the client and I didn’t have to become a guru at criminal law.


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