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Week 30| Running into big issues

Week 30| Running into big issues

Monday 08 May – Friday 12th May 2017

What did I do?

This week I ran into a huge issue with goDaddy. For some reason the Your Trial Matters website has gone down completely. I could not even login to WordPress to check what was going on. I got  a DNS error, which can really be anything. From previous experiences this was always a hosting problem.

I had to take steps to de-bug this issue. I first logged into the goDaddy account and looked at purchase statuses. Everything has been properly renewed and paid for, we had no problems there. Then I went into the hosting and tried going into WordPress that way, it did not work. The next step was to actually make sure if this was a Hosting problem so I logged into the company email which is with goDaddy as well as these come free with hosting purchase. There were no issues, I logged in and even managed to send a test email to myself.

This led me to believe it was not even a hosting problem but a domain one. I could not really do anything but check the status of the site and the domain showed no issues. This led me with no option but to ring customer service. The first person I spoke to were not very useful, they left me more confused than ever and left me with an email to verify our domain. She left me with no directions or anything, I emailed and got no response.

Frustrated I rang again and managed to come across a nice guy at the evening once I was home, who helped me and explained better what the issue was. It turned out sites are subject to law to be verified as real websites and real services which had to be pinned down to an address of operations. So since the address was in York I had to have a pdf of proof of address, like a utility bill. Once I emailed the goDaddy verification in the UK they would let the site back up online.

Now that I knew what the issue was I got straight on the phone with the client, asked for a utility bill and I emailed it right to them. It was a very frustrating day to get this sorted but luckily after sending them the documents we got verified in about 4 hours.

There is no really preventing this, once you are chosen to be verified that is what happens. However if we got emails earlier from them asking us to verify we would have been online the whole time, however somehow we got no emails from them. I made sure to change the email address on the account just in case something did not save it right.

Besides that I have been doing lots of social media posts as part of my usual daily routine and made a few new designs for the articles. Here is Joshua Burnside, a local performer who we cover quite a lot:

joshua b.png

These article design are actually coming to me quite easily now. Usually when I look at the piece of journalist work I have an idea what the design should be and what would suit. Sometimes I look at the photographs first and see how the photographer has portrayed this person and then google some keywords and find some designs that may work well with it. I also find it handy to look at Pinterest because there is so much creative work there, it is easy to come up with a suitable design.

This article design is one of my favourites, I got to be so creative with it as it is about comic book artists.comic-article.png

What did I learn?

I learned to be more cautious when not getting any emails from goDaddy at all. That means they don’t have any means of contact with me. Also this has been another experience with how frustrating talking to customer service can be. Now I know once the first person does not help me to just call back and talk to someone else.


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