Work Experience

Week 31| Back to Eclectic Media

Week 31| Back to Eclectic Media

Monday 15th May – Friday 19th May 2017

What did I do?

After leaving Eclectic Media for a while, as the company has not been ready to launch yet and finish the website, we are finally back on track and close to finishing it and opening the business.

I have started editing some content and adding some new items. One of my tasks was to research possible pricing for Social Media Managing. After creating a word document and presenting it to Anna, she was very happy with the proposal made and we ended up using it as part of the pricing.

I ended up adding this to one of the sections under our services. With Unyson plugin in WordPress, it is very easy to create these sections however the plugin is not perfect and sometimes we get error: Internal Server Error when editing some of the sections of the site. I left a note on their website and they are assuring this will be fixed in the next update. Because of the Errors like these, editing can be a bit harder to do.  But overcoming that, I created a nice layout for the pricing:


After making this I noted to do a few changes for next week and perhaps add all these sections to all of the tables but ones that do not offer a particular service have an X beside them, this would work for a better layout.

Also I have added some thing like a video on going in the slider at the front page and we began to edit content to Anna’s liking since at the time I done the content.

I also made a new page, which shows all of our videos from our Facebook website as products which people can ask for the same type of videos:


Working like this professionally I have been doing a lot of my own skill and not having to learn anything new, as it seems I have learned the trade of a magazine so well already. With the time not being close to summer, Anna has been very happy with all of my work and started to give me more work and more responsibilities like logging into the main CultureHUB info email. Here people would send lots of press releases.

When Anna is not here or when I am left alone in the office with her out at meetings, once the work given to me is done, I go into that email and create some blog posts for press release. She has been very happy with me taking care of the social media on my own so well. These days I have been posting from 3-7 posts daily.

Post examples:

I would be creating these type of posts daily all week.


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