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Book Review | A Court of Wings and Ruin

Book Review | A Court of Wings and Ruin

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series | Book 3 | By S.J.Maas

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 10/10


If anyone has not read this series yet, please pick up the first book and read it! Please do! You will not regret it.

Spoilers in this Review

ACOWAR has been the most awaited book for me for 2017. The moment I got my hands on it I knew I was going to read it in like 12hours. But the things is that I didn’t. For some reason I loved it so much I actually wanted to take my time and savour the book. It took me nearly the whole week to read the 700 pages (especially since I worked everyday) but reading it slowly was actually very enjoyable.

I have come to love Feyra and Rhys so much that if I read the book in a day I would love it but regret that it’s all over. So reading a few chapters at the time made it sweeter.

The start of the book had me so hot and heavy over what would happen to Feyra and how she would get out of Tamlin’s grip once again. I know some people feel sorry for him for what happened, I get it, he trully still loves her and it is sad that she does not anymore. But Tamlin is not someone who can make Feyra happy for life, he does not understand her as a soulmate should. (I understand it because I have someone special like that myself 😉 ). Also I am a huge fan of Rhys…he is book reading dream man!

Gosh I am getting off track here….fan girling too much. Anyway, the story was perfect, everything happened in the way I wanted it to. From Feyra getting back home, to preparing for war and needing to get allies and Feyra taking risks for her new kingdom. The chemistry Rhys and Feyra have makes me so emotional, they are perfect lovers and best friends. That moment when Rhys and Feyra were about to meet the other High Lords and he said to her “You do not bow to anyone” made me skip a beat. He made her his equal and at the same time he worships her with everything he has.

I was worried that the war was going to end badly and that some of our favourite people would actually die (S.J.Maas do not do this to me!). But near the ending when Rhys told Feyra he loves her and then he was gone…..I could not breathe. Feyra’s reaction was of course expected but what I did not expect is Tamlin’s reaction. He helped her and told her to be happy and got Rhys his life back. They say sometimes when you love someone you have to let them go because you love them. This was exactly the case here. I gained some more respect for Tamlin at this moment.

I’m worried if I keep writing I will end up with a review as long as the book itself, I fan girl over this way too much. This is my favourite series of all I have ever read, it has exceeded Throne of Glass series for me and pushed it to number 2! Sorry Rowan and Aelin 😗.

But of course my over all review is that this book was amazing, can not wait for the next one and it give it a 100/10 if I could. The writing was exquisite as always, we got to know the characters a bit more, especially Mor, and we got to see some new love interests. I love Feyra and Rhys and their court as if they were my own family now.


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