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Book Review | The Young Elites

Book Review | The Young Elites

The Young Elites Series | Book 1 | By Marie Lou

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 7.5/10


No spoilers review

I got into this book very quickly, I liked the sound of the concept and really enjoyed the world set up. This book was certainly interesting and had a bit of a dark side to it which was refreshing and different from other novels. However about 75% into the ebook I got sort of impatient and got a bit bored of it, I had to try really hard not to skip pages.

Story:  Adelina lives a shamed life, unwanted in society and hated by the people since she survived the plague and was marked as a malfetto. One day she discovers that she has powers and the is to be burned publicly by the Inquisition. She is saved by the group called the Young Elites who have powers just like her and they take her to their secret hideout. Enzo is their leader and a prince of the kingdom who is not crowned anymore and can not rule. His aim is to gain the throne and let those malfettos like him live in peace without being hunted. Adelina works hard to learn her powers and try to fit in. – This was a very interesting concept. The Young Elites are no strangers to blood and killing, they have no problem with killing those who are in the way of their plans. We get to know a few very interesting characters before the story unfolds, which makes you sympathetic to their cause even if they are willing to kill for it.

Characters: Adelina is not a bad characters, she is human and so we see thing such as selfish thoughts and looking our for herself as well as sympathy. However when talking to elites she blushes all the time, I know their meant to be pretty but it got a but ridiculous at times.  Enzo was my favourite character, he seemed the most complex and the most to learn about. Also I enjoyed the fact that he ended up being Adelina’s love interest. Besides these two Raffaele was a fantastic character in this book, he was relied upon for the mains story to flow and that was not a bad thing. He was beautiful and a consort, but not without his own complexity. The rest of the Elites were hard to remember, they were not well added into it. Gemma was visible at times but that is because she was a huge part in some plot points. I can’t say if I liked her or not. The rest of them….can barely remember their names.


 Spoilers review


So as much as I enjoyed the story, at about 89% I started hating it. I did however find it interesting that Adelina could kill with her dark powers and not be aware of her bloodlust and the powers taking over. But the book pretty much ended for me when Enzo died, i guess I have a soft spot for the main love interest. Finishing the book I started to realise I actually don’t really care what will happen to Adelina, she isn’t exactly likeable but I didn’t dislike her fully either. But when the book finished and I read about the next book, I decided I don’t want to read on. I don’t find the story interesting anymore. I don’t always like when the heroin becomes the main her in the story, I think this book would have been interesting to see Adelina become Enzos soldier, fight for him and help him gain the throne.


My exact review is 7.5/10. over all I did enjoy reading it even if I did not like the ending. I would recommend it. I think most people would enjoy this novel and some will like the ending of course. So I say give it a go to see your opinion on it.

-Momo ♥


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