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Book Review | The Kiss of Deception

Book Review | The Kiss of Deception

The Remenent Chronicles Series | Book 1 | By Mary E. Pearson

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4.5/10


My first thoughts half way through this? Why – oh why did I read this!! I know I don’t like love triangles, yet the pretty cover and the maybe promising description drew me in.

No spoilers review

So yes, there is a love triangle here. A boring….long love triangle. Lia is a princess, who runs away from her arranged marriage to a prince she never met before. She thinks he is an old geezer and somehow that is what everyone else around her thinks so too. Problem 1 – come on if it was a neighbourhood kingdom, someone would have spread rumours that the prince is not old, he is young. No way that the whole kingdom did not know and not tell her.

Anyway Lea takes her maid and best friend with her Paulline and everything is dandy as the Princess decided to live a simple nice life letting go of all her castle privileges, it is possible to adjust but she did it really quickly.

However there is a problem, an assassin is sent to kill her and a Prince, who she was meant to marry for some reason goes to find her and look at her. (Why? Who know’s, he vows to never speak to her……of course he does -_- )

Summary? Book is boring, 50% into the book was uneventful besides some flirting and Lia’s every day life. I’m sorry but a book is meant to be interesting…and this one was not at all. I do like Princess stories and I had high hopes for this book, the disappointment half way through has 100% put me off of any love triangles for life.

If you love boredom where you read about the peasant life of an ex princess, then go for it. If you enjoy it let me know! I like hearing different opinions. But for me this was a bust.

No spoilers review

What annoyed me the most is how the assassin just can’t seem to do his job because suddenly he is fascinated by this girl. He suddenly acts all nice and kind to her and sits about watching her. I am sorry but if  I were an assassin and perceive what he did I do not think it would have stopped me from completing my mission. I get he may have got sympathies, but why stay and sit about all this time. He irritated me.

And the Prince….what the hell. So he wants to go and see her and not speak to her but the moment he sees her he just can’t help himself. He could have never approached. Waited out until he seen her walk outside, then go home. But nope he had to go there, speak to her, stick about and fall in looooove with her. OMG puke. Actual puke. This was very stupid to me.

Anyway I will not lye I skipped most of the ending, I have too many books I want to read to waste time with a disappointment. I think I was at about 69% when I skipped a lot, read a bit, cringed and got annoyed and repeat.

The ending was okay, although the fact that the assassin decided to take her back with him as a prisoner and lie she had some powers “The Gift” which was quite vague in this story yet was meant to be so important. The he falls in love with her and he does not kill her so she lives…..😧

So moral of the story is if you won’t be vain and marry who you believe is an old geezer, he may end up being a prince???

I would tell everyone out there who enjoys action packed YA this will bore you and you will hate it. I did, seriously regret reading it.

So all of the above are the reasons I only give this book a 4.5/10, I will not be reading on to the next books that is for sure. Let me know what ya all think, I love to discuss books!

Have a good day bookworms 😚😚😚

-Momo ♥


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