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Book Review | Command Me

Book Review | Command Me

The Royals Saga | Book 1 | By Geneva Lee

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 6.8/10


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So I am very wary of free books, it is usually where the author wants to try and hook you onto the series so you will buy more….in my experience this never really works. I never seem to enjoy these free ones enough to buy the next instalment. So I was prepared for a crappy novel when reading this. To my surprise it actually enjoyed it!😤

No Spoilers in this Review

At the start I prayed to the gods above, please – pleeeease do not  be like 50 shades of Garbage. I could not stand reading another one of these. (I read the two of them – biggest waste of my life). Shockingly as cliche it may have been and predictable, it was hot, there is no denying it.

So we have the typical cast. Clara the main character, but for a change the main girl is not a hardworking poor girl with a great education who wants to get successful. Clara is a recent graduate who’s parents paid for her education as they got into good money a few years back. She does want to be independent from them so she gets a graduate job and moves in with her best friend. Belle is rich and privileged and loved it.  Although she is a good character to add to Clara’s life. The one thing I liked with this is that when Belle buys something for Clara she doesn’t act all stubborn that she would pay her back and that she should not have bought her these things because she could not pay her back.

Alexander is a hot prince who has his secrets and a dark side (could not have a book without this could we now?) he is drawn to Clara after he kissed her the very first time during her graduation. To her he was s stranger and she did not recognised him until it was made public that she has kissed him.

Clara becomes drawn into Alexanders life with pure desire to be with him. She decides to have a fling with him and think to chance a casual sexual relationship. But their desire quickly spins out of control as Clara has her own baggage and does not want him to dominate her, that thought scares her.

Over all it was an interesting read, I did not think I would like this book but I actually did. Plus Alexander is sexy, hard not to enjoy the story with him in it. And let’s be honest, the sex scenes in this are hot…

I would recommend it as a better written read than 50 shades and those fan fiction books. This was well structured, nicely progressed and we got to see some real character development. In it’s genre this book did surprise me and I enjoyed it more than any other I have read before. The ending made me buy the next book after only having to think about this once…..

I say read it! If you are into some hot and spicy sex scenes.

-Momo ♥


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